Finnur in a Lopapeysa and a Sale!

Adding some mini paintings to my shop, they’re great for stocking stuffers! Today I painted Finnur in a Lopapeysa. =)

I also wanted to mention my Halloween’s End sale! Since Halloween has past and I need to make room for Christmas paintings, I’m having a 40% off all Halloween Paintings sale! Use coupon code: HALLOWEENEND at checkout.



Glittery Road Trip Ornaments!

It’s that time of year that the glitter really flies around here! Kitties going on road trips, from my paintings, turned into glittery ornaments! Each is handmade-cut from clay, painted, and glittered by me. Choose your two cats (unless you have more, then you’ll want the side version of the ornaments) to drive their glittery vehicles right on to your Christmas tree. =)_MG_0721-1 _MG_0738-10_MG_0742-14_MG_0746-18_MG_0750-22_MG_0763-29_MG_0731-6_MG_0759-25_MG_0768-32_MG_0722-2