64 Days until Halloween!

Halloween tree with mummies
Can you believe it? It’s almost that time again and I’m so excited! Of course I’m panicking as well, trying to remember where I’ve scribbled down ideas for the children’s costumes. My son is 13 and if I remember correctly, last year I bribed him into letting this year be the last year I get to choose what he will be. =D That being said, it’s also ornament time! I’m working on a couple of new Halloween cat ornaments this year that I hope to have ready to debut in the next few days (along with Volvo 244 ones.) Here’s the collection of Halloween cat ornaments available now!
Witch ornament
Mummy cat ornament
skeleton bat cat
Ghostly cat
Witch cat


The Clowns

Halloween Clowns

 “The Clowns”

-Painted with Golden acrylics.
-Approx. 8″ x 7 1/4″ x 1″ Piece of pine
-Topped with two coats of gloss varnish.
-Signed, titled, and dated on the back by me!

A couple of clowns heading to the Halloween party!

Going to Amma’s and Taking the Cat

Going to Amma's

Once upon a time, when I was maybe 8, I ran away from home with my older brother. We were being rather bad and tossing notes over the fence of a school across the street. When we were busted and knew they’d called our parents, we came up with the brilliant plan of running away. Where would we go? No clue, we’d just walk! I put on my best dress, fishnet tights, and my Strawberry Shortcake doll. Somehow we ended up on a military base of some sort in Newhall, Ca (I think it was Newhall) and at a guard’s insistence, my brother caved and gave our phone number to him so they could call our parents. I was disappointed.
Going to Amma's and taking the cat

This quick little shoot wasn’t depicting a child running away, but as I was dressing Anna, my Mom brought it up. Instead of Strawberry Shortcake, Anna was taking the cat…but not running away, just going to her Amma’s house. =P
Going to Amma's

It’s Black Cat Appreciation Day!

black cat appreciation day
It’s no secret that I love all cats, and might have a preference towards the gingers, but I can’t say that I love our gingers any more than our black cats. We have 4 black cats, and today is their special day! (Ok, who am I kidding? Everyday is a special day for our cats!) So here’s a collection of photos of our 4 black cats throughout the years.

Violet & Carbon
Violet and Carbon
Kitty Hugs
Violet & Carbon hugs
Carbon kitty
Carbon Kitty
Violet & Carbon with painting.
Carbon & Violet with painting.
Carbon & Violet with Fireflies
Carbon & Violet with Fireflies
Violet sitting pretty
Violet sitting pretty
Violet and Carbon
Violet and Carbon
Lily Moonfall
Lily Moonfall, our semi-feral girl.
The babies.
Young Violet and Carbon
Carbon & ornaments
Carbon overseeing my ornament creations.
Violet Nightshade
Autumn Violet
Pierre Baby
Hilarious Carbon

Sadako in the Well

Coming out of the well
In a sharp contrast to yesterday’s reading photos, this wasn’t planned, there just happened to be a barbecuing thing that looked like the well from Ringu (the Ring for those who’ve only seen the American version…) Anna as Sadako (Samara US version). So, yeah, balancing out sweetness with a little darkness. I love how Anna is always game!
Anna as Sadako