Birthday Books and a Pet Show

July 24th was my birthday and it was the best weather day so far this July! Cool, at times cold, and no humidity! We went to a book sale at a local Episcopal church and scored on a lot of great classics. I had an internet friend visit from Alabama, which was super awesome! I showed her this tiny little town and stopped for a bite to eat at my friend’s restaurant. Then to finish the day, Anna begged me to let her take a kitten to the local pet show, which her best friend was going to along with Flurry the goldfish. I gave in and we went. Peaches ended up winning 1st place in unusual markings, 2nd place for prettiest eyes, and 3rd place for fluffiest-though technically he should have won 1st place for that. haha =P It was a great day.
Peaches, the winner

Good reading

Ginger invasion!

Let’s Go On a Road Trip!

Pacific Northwest Road TripThere are many days when I ask myself, “Why did I agree to move to Pennsylvania?” Today, or this whole week, has been like that. I think it’s the more humid it gets here, and the more Betty Beige acts up (our ’82 240 Volvo) that I miss Portland, Oregon the most. I’m totally fine in the winter here, but summers…ugh it’s absolute misery! So today I happily (ok not so happily because my room is HOT) painted a couple cats taking a road trip in their Volvo Amazon, around the Pacific Northwest, Mt. Hood in the distance. =)