Rosebud in a Pumpkin

rosebud in a pumpkin
I’m really hoping our blue pumpkins grow this year! The past couple years the pumpkins have been overtaken by either blight or eggs from squash bugs or the little white butterflies that lay their eggs under the leaves. Crossing my fingers, because I’ve got a few little ginger kittens that might want to pose in a blue pumpkin!


Birthday Books and a Pet Show

July 24th was my birthday and it was the best weather day so far this July! Cool, at times cold, and no humidity! We went to a book sale at a local Episcopal church and scored on a lot of great classics. I had an internet friend visit from Alabama, which was super awesome! I showed her this tiny little town and stopped for a bite to eat at my friend’s restaurant. Then to finish the day, Anna begged me to let her take a kitten to the local pet show, which her best friend was going to along with Flurry the goldfish. I gave in and we went. Peaches ended up winning 1st place in unusual markings, 2nd place for prettiest eyes, and 3rd place for fluffiest-though technically he should have won 1st place for that. haha =P It was a great day.
Peaches, the winner

Good reading

Ginger invasion!

Let’s Go On a Road Trip!

Pacific Northwest Road TripThere are many days when I ask myself, “Why did I agree to move to Pennsylvania?” Today, or this whole week, has been like that. I think it’s the more humid it gets here, and the more Betty Beige acts up (our ’82 240 Volvo) that I miss Portland, Oregon the most. I’m totally fine in the winter here, but summers…ugh it’s absolute misery! So today I happily (ok not so happily because my room is HOT) painted a couple cats taking a road trip in their Volvo Amazon, around the Pacific Northwest, Mt. Hood in the distance. =)