Spring said, “Hello!”

We have greenery!

Sure it may be for only one day this week, but spring made an appearance today and it was lovely! The kids got sunshine on their faces and I found the chickens making dirt nests to roll around in. Everyone was happy. Yay! Tomorrow brings lots of rain and snow to follow. Ah well, it was nice while it lasted. =)

Egg Collector in Red
Today’s egg collector, in red. See the sunlight back there?

The Siamese Cat & The Rabbit

The White Rabbit
The White Rabbit

Sitting at my desk last night I was thinking about what to paint and kept thinking about rabbits. The past three days we’ve seen the elusive neighborhood ‘white rabbit’ that someone dumped outside. He was hanging out with a wild brown rabbit. We were surprised when the white rabbit allowed us to get close enough for some photos! Anyhow, since then I’ve been thinking about rabbits.

The sketch
The sketch
Progress, the rabbit has landed, or flown in…
Almost done!
Almost done! I decided to go with a cat riding the rabbit.
The Siamese & The Rabbit
The Siamese Cat & The Rabbit, complete!

What’s up, duck?


Toulouse & Tilly, when we brought them home at the beginning of March!

Ducks…ducks grow fast. Ducks, or maybe just these Khaki Campbell ducks, are apparently not ‘domesticated’ like chicks/chickens seem to be. Growing up in Los Angeles, we had a mini farm in the city with a couple geese, ducks, and even a peacock! My Mother loooooves duck eggs, and while I’m not sure I do (I have a love/hate relationship with eggs-one day I love, the next they’re slimey and hideous) I remember as a child blowing duck eggs out and painting them. I plan on showing my own children how to do this! Anyway, we have two ducks in the basement under a heat lamp, with a space to roam and spill water all over. It’s still snowing here so they can’t go out yet, but wow they grow super fast! I can’t wait to introduce them to the chickens-I hope that goes smoothly. As it turns out, I think we got two female ducks because they weren’t sexed when we got them, which is totally fine. They also might be the migratory kind, so I’m sure we’ll be bidding them adieu at some point. =(

Anna with Tilly, March 11th


Toulous, March 27th

Khaki Campbell

Anna & Toulouse

Where is Spring?

No, seriously, where is it? It’s snowing still here in Pennsylvania and (don’t tell anyone I admitted to this) I’m getting a little tired of it. We have our seeds started, little seedlings coming up, some getting rather large, and no place to plant them! We have two ducklings in our basement, getting larger by the minute, waiting to go outside. Spring needs to hurry up already! =)

Here are some mini paintings I painted with spring on my mind:

Yay Spring!

Are you experiencing a beautiful spring where you are, or are you buried under snow like me?

Ahh Spring!

Next to autumn, spring is my favorite time of year. I look so forward to the buds on trees, flowers, birds singing… I’m not really sure when “spring” is going to come this year. I’ve never been one to poo-poo snow or winter-I absolutely love it.  I’m just a little tired of it now even though everything looks so beautiful. We took a little walk this morning to take in the snow falling.

Snow walk

Waiting to go out



We Got a Dog


My Mother has this thing, this memory of always having a dog in the house. Walking on the Oregon coast with a dog, collecting rocks, shells, glass… She loves having a dog. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a huge cat person, but there’s always a want, no a need for a dog. Anyway, she finally found the right one! While researching the “perfect dog” for a family with kids and cats, she kept coming across Great Pyrenees dogs, so she set off searching for one. She found a guy in Ohio who had some puppies, which I immediately recoiled at the thought. I have two kids, I don’t want a third! As luck would have it (for us and the dog) this guy was done breeding his Great Pyrenees and was keeping two of the puppies but didn’t want the mother anymore. How sad right?? The only logical thing was we’d take the mother! Aside from the fact that she’s 4, already house-trained, and just beautiful, we’d be putting an end to any more breeding. Stopping the ‘puppy-factory’ if you will. We jumped in the car and drove 3 hours into the emptiness of SE Ohio and got our girl! We got her on Saint Patrick’s day, so instead of a proper French name, she ended up with an Irish name: Fionnoula Maeve O’Quinn (mom’s family name.) It was leaps and bounds better than her previous name, which I won’t bother to even type.

Taking Fionnoula for a walk

Fionnoula is the sweetest dog I’ve ever met and though I was reluctant to have a dog in the house, the cats don’t even seem to mind her. But what’s more amazing, is that she doesn’t mind the cats, or the chickens. She’s barely interested in either. She’d rather follow my daughter up and down two flights of steps, outside, wherever she goes Fionnoula is close by.

Fionnoula watching Anna

Egg Collectors in the Snow