Day of the Dead

Every now and then I get stuck on a theme and realize I’m having a lot of fun with it, so I stick with it! One of my most requested paintings is “Frida y Gatos” which has “Frida” standing between two skellie cats. I can partially thank/blame someone on Tumblr who took my original painting, slapped a Frida quote on it, removed any of my ID from the painting, and Tumblr’d it around, and around…and around. As the internet would have it, people went searching for who the original artist was and eventually found me! I happily repaint anything I’ve painted before, and change things slightly to the buyer’s wish, such as colors. So one such request started me on another Day of the Dead painting spree. Below is the result:

Frida's skellie cats

Above is the commissioned “Frida y Gatos”

frida and skeleton dance

 The Mexican Hat Dance

 Frida & Diego & Cat

My Bloody Valentine

Well, it can’t all be chocolates and roses! Compilation between my Mother and I.

My Bloody Valentine

He said he would always be mine
as long as the sun doth shine
until the day
he gave it away
and was caught in a lover’s entwine
As the sun went dim
I spied her with him
And forcefully retrieved what was mine…My Bloody Valentine.

My Bloody Valentine


Ok, so just for the record, I did not plan anything for Ash Wednesday. While my family (not immediate family) are Irish Catholic, I’m not so I don’t really keep tabs on all the holidays. Last night I started painting some more nuns with cats because it was just *that time* again. I finished the painting this morning and started seeing posts about Ash Wednesday and told my Mom. While discussing a different photoshoot, I need to get out of my head, this idea was born. I just so happen to have some cute uniforms for Anna and a nun’s habit…and a willing Mother to stand in as a nun.  So today’s theme: nuns. =P

See, Hear, Speak No Evil


Nuns and Cats