Happy Thanksgiving

To all of you who celebrate it! We’re eating some chicken breasts stuff with mozzarella and possibly topped with bacon, some sweet potato mashed…potatoes, probably stuffing, buttered and garlic’d asparagus, and some New York pumpkin cheesecake.

But this morning I had to get this little idea out of my head, so we went out again and brought along a horse. One day we’ll make friends with someone around here who has real horses, but for today Anna’s Butterscotch did the trick. We waited for the sun to come up over the mountains and over the trees, then we went to Grandmother’s…ok not really, but we did wait for the sun. The hunters were out in full force this morning, guns-a-blazing, and dogs howling. Needless to say, as the gunshots got louder and more frequent, we wrapped up the shoot and got the hell out of there!

In the field

At the stable

What are your plans for this Thursday?

At the stable


Let Them Eat Crow

Ok, not really. But it’s an idiom that kept repeating itself in my head today. I needed to get out of the house, take a day of from painting and kneading clay, so why not do an impromptu shoot with the kids? First I needed outfits. I had this idea to make Anna match Tiarnan’s height by standing her on a chair, with a beautiful, full, lovely gown that hung down to the ground. Sadly, after checking the local thrift stores, I had to settle for two dresses: one short, velvet, and green, and the other a black halter that was much longer.  Tiarnan scored a nice ugly suit, tie, and Rockport shoes for $7! Now, the reason most of my photos are in the forest is because that’s where we live. We’re surrounded by trees, and I’m not about to haul the kids into one of the abandoned buildings (hello next door house)…

The premise is that these two had gotten dressed up to go to a dinner party, where birds were “all the rage”. However, on their way walking to the party, Anna fell, the cage hit the ground, and their bird escaped. They’d spent hours in the woods looking for the bird with no luck. The end. Yeah well it was impromptu, right? All I can think of these days is the paintings and all those ideas floating around. =P

Let them eat crow


Empty birdcage


Bringing Home The Christmas Tree

In a Volvo wagon of course! Thankfully our little Bettie Beige (who isn’t a wagon) doesn’t have to carry home a Christmas tree this way, we go the fake tree route. It’s just less messy and the cats are less-inclined to want to eat it.

Volvo Christmas

Plus, I wouldn’t trust Puddy cat or Merlin to safely get the tree home! Not with the way they argue in the car.

"You missed the turn!"

The Canon T70

Canon T70

I recently rediscovered my Mother’s old Canon T70. The camera that was always with us when we went on holiday to Mexico, around the states, all over. It was the family camera. I remember it having some pretty clear and beautiful pictures too. Maybe one day I’ll upload some of those San Felipe pictures, in horrible 80’s clothes, as a child. Then again, maybe I won’t. I had a perm too…let’s not talk about that.

Anna & Tiarnan

So anyhow, I purchased some AfgaPhoto Vista 100 ISO film, exp 2009, because from sample photos it looked like my kind of colors. Turns out, the color was definitely spot on! My skills with this camera, not so much. But that’s why I wanted to speed through a roll, changing settings, seeing what it’s capabilities were (sure next time it won’t be 100 ISO, a friend said 400 would be better), and I’m not too disappointed. Nevermind the actual pictures are rather meh, just simple shots as we took our river walk. I also don’t mind that a few of the photos had some light leakage, I like it. I’m going to give my Mom the other roll of the Vista film so she can play around with her old camera. I hope to try again, this time with an actual photo shoot planned out.


I couldn’t forget to photograph the chickens. All the reds were happy enough to pose for me.

chickens in film