Halloween Costumes

Do you celebrate Halloween? If so, what will you be this year? I have no idea what, if anything, I will be this year. I might just redo the Dia de los Muertos nun, but that wouldn’t be exciting. I still have a little time to think about it!

trick or treaters

jack o'lantern cats

frida y gatos 6

Halloween is coming!


Trick or Treating

From an on going series of trick or treating kitties, who make their way through the forest to a Halloween party. =)

trick or treat mummy

Trick or treat!

Here’s a little painting of the “behind-the-scenes” of the mummy cat getting ready to head to the party. Two skellie kitties had to help him with the wrappings. =P

Dressing the mummy

Mummy Cat

Halloween is coming super fast now! I’m pretty sure we’re going to start decorating inside and out since we broke down and bought some mums and pumpkins. Our driveway pumpkins didn’t survive the blight this year, although the gourd plants are still green and seemingly trying, I think it’s too late for anything now. Very sad.

But on a happier note! I created a new Halloween ornament today: the mummy cat! I was trying to think of something I actually don’t even have in my Halloween paintings (yet, but I will now) and that was a mummy cat. I think it came out really cute!

Mummy cat ornament

Mummy cat ornaments

Halloween tree with mummies


The new theme for this weekend, and lasting for two weeks this time, is “Silence.” I wanted to make Anna into a ventriloquist’s dummy, and my son Tiarnan as the ventriloquist. Now, mind you, they’re both doing cyber school with live classes at certain times, and I thought I’d catch them in between class and do a quick shoot. We had storms coming soon and I have this tiny little problem where if I have an idea in my mind, I need to expel that idea. Get it over and out of my mind so I can move on. So after running around the house grabbing the clothes the kids would wear, and working on Anna’s makeup, I realized time was going down fast. So I did less on her makeup than planned, hustled the kids out front and grabbed a chair on the way out. There are a lot of things I’d like to have done differently, but ended up having only about 10 minutes to get some shots. I’m happy with what we ended up with. =)


The Ventriloquist and Dummy

My thought behind “silence” in this picture is pretty obvious- without the ventriloquist’s voice, the dummy is silent.

In Dreams and Top 5!

Guess what?! I got to be the first guinea pig to act as a guest picking the Top 5 over at Froknowsphoto.com! The theme was “City” and I tried to stick to the theme. There were a lot of great photos, and narrowing it down to 5 was actually harder than it might seem. Really made me appreciate, even more, what Jared Polin does just on the weekend themes. I skyped with Jared to explain my top 5 picks and the new theme. (I picked that too!)

So the new weekend theme is, “In Dreams”, because I wanted to try to make it fun and creative…but still allowing a WIDE variety of submissions. I mean really, we all know how vast dreams are. My submissions are two different themes. First being the “Eternal Bath”, which could go two ways. One, dreaming of bubble baths that never go cold (hello right?), or darker with dying in the tub. Don’t ask, nothing I’ve personally dreamed of but the idea was there.

In Dreams

The eternal bath
The other idea involved Anna, which I can’t help but photograph her, she’s such a willing model! The idea is that in dreams she’s lost in the forest, afraid, until she happens upon a family of forest elves and ends up helping them collect acorns. My mom just happened to have these old elf dolls that she put on my son’s shelf, much to his disapproval. He thinks they’re a bit creepy.

Anna Dreams