The Woodlands

the woodlands

One thing I absolutely love about Pennsylvania is the woods. Waking up early in the morning to drive around the forests, looking for deer and other wildlife to catch a photo of. We’re a little intimidated to actually go IN the forest, because there seems to always be hunters lurking about. That and black bears.

Deer in the woods

Sweet little deer

Walking to School

This is something I think we only did when we lived Palm Springs, and that walk included a skateboard. In Los Angeles I rode the bus with *the* coolest driver, Mr. King, with his black finger-less leather driving gloves. But I digress. Here’s my last picture post for “school.” I’m moving on…

The walk to school

Taking a break

Books and Apple

This last shot Anna set up and wanted the photo taken with the Lensbaby.  I happily obliged.

A good read

Back to School!

back to school

It’s hard to believe that summer is almost officially over in two weeks. The kids’ school supplies have already started showing up via FedEx! All the boxes are still hanging out in the entry room-I should probably start putting books on their shelves sometime before this week is over. =)

in the classroom

I managed to get Puddy and Carbon cat to be my ‘models’ this week. Though Puddy looks like a sour puss in his shot. =P

Puddy & school painting

 Carbon & painting

Oh Halloween, How I Love Thee…

My favorite time of year is Halloween time! The chill in the air, the changing of the leaves, getting to wear scarves, and Halloween. Pumpkins and costumes! Nothing pleases me more. So I’m gearing up for Halloween, getting some more ornaments and paintings stocked up in my store. As of the day of this post, there are only 84 days until Halloween!

halloween celebration 2012

pumpkin carver

clown cat

I made a new batch of ornaments this year, including a skellie bat cat!

skeleton bat cat

 Witches & Ghosts


Are you as excited as I am for Halloween? =)

The Hunter and The Deer

The new theme for this weekend is, “Victory/Defeat.” Trophies were the first thing that popped into my head, but not your standard winning trophy you’re awarded after a job well done at your sport. I’m going to go ahead and blame the fact we’re in Pennsylvania and always out looking for deer to photograph. Anyhow, hunting came into my mind. I mean, hunting for “trophies”, not hunting to feed your family. You do what you have to do! So yesterday I whipped up some paper mache antlers (I’m totally aware female deer don’t have them, but it’s fantasy) and a bow for my son.

The Hunter and the Deer

Aimed and ready

 But the deer was too cute

 So they decided to be friends


Thankfully my children are always willing to be my models, especially when one gets a new play bow out of it, and the other gets to look like a deer. =)