Little Red

which way...

In another painting vs photograph theme, I did Little Red Riding hood. I love trying to recreate fairy tales with my daughter, and it stemmed from this painting around Halloween last year.

Last October I did a few shots with Anna as Little Red, and didn’t really like them. The lighting was off and it was starting to rain. So I tried again this morning. Different lighting, different forest, and Anna has certainly changed since the first time as well!

Little Red Anna

Little Red

Run Little Red!

This photo shows the difference less than a year makes!
Anna as Little Red


Royal Typewriters

turquoise on red
I love typewriters. I love the happy colors these would come in! I remember playing on my mother’s typewriter in her shop, imagining way before I knew how, that I was typing a hundred words a minute. The downside was how heavy they were. Boy were they heavy! The last typewriter we had was one of the REALLY old ones, all black, heavy as a house it seemed. Anyway, I figured if you like typewriters but don’t like the weight of them, the space they take up if you really like them, then how about a painting of one?



green royal typewriter

grey typewriter

Chasing Fireflies!

catching fireflies

The fireflies are out! One of the best things (aside from owning our house, having chickens, no shootings…) of moving to this small Pennsylvania town, is the fireflies! Growing up in California, I never saw a firefly, so it’s not only thrilling to my children to go out and catch them, it’s thrilling to me. Well, ok I don’t actually touch them because they’re still bugs and that’s just not going to happen. Instead I sit and watch the kids run around, jump up, slowly and steadily reaching hands out to catch one. Then I request a few be put in a jar so I can try to photograph them. =P

We’re actually heading to a forest area this weekend to see the Synchronous Fireflies again, and I can’t wait! It’s the most awesome sight seeing them light up at the same time. Sitting around a low fire, listening to the water in the creek flow by, and watching the forest light up.


Catching Fireflies
Ok, technically that’s glitter, but it was earlier this year and I needed to recreate fireflies. =P

A Girl and her Chicken

Pet chicken

Ever have one of those nights when you’re on the verge of sleep, then an idea pops into your head? That was me last night. I had to jump out of bed and draw the idea out really quick, in case I forgot by the morning. These days I’m never really sure if the idea should be a painting or a photo. I’m going to try and do both, if possible.

Girl with a Chicken
There is a painting in the works, and I’m sure I’ll find a way to squeeze a cat into it, someplace. =)

Volkswagen Road Trip

Turquoise and Cream VW Bus
I really couldn’t tell you which number this painting is in the Cats’ Road Trip series. I’ve painted about 300 of them, but never one with a plain background. I started painting the VW first and liked how it looked against the wood grain, so I left it. =) I think I’ll have to do a few more like this!

Carbon and Road Trip painting

Carbon Copy cat agreed to be my model today, next to the painting.